About Company

Who We Are

Who We Are

Enterprise Bureau (EB) is a digital platform for stakeholders of youth entrepreneurship in Africa. As a non-profit enterprise support organisation (ESO), EB uses technology-driven initiatives to connect early-stage youth entrepreneurs with, and inform them on other ESOs in Africa.

The digital platform seeks to address the problem of the dearth of information and the uncoordinated workspace among stakeholders of youth entrepreneurship. EB harmonizes opportunities and promotes synergies among start-ups and ESOs on an integrated online platform.

What We Stand For

Our major drive is to maximise the chances of success for youth entrepreneurs in Africa. It is our goal to enhance the capacity of youth start-ups, by developing a data platform that provides global enterprise opportunities to help them grow their businesses. We are particularly focused on developing the potential of youth entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 to 40 in Africa. This initiative ultimately promotes the creation of sustainable jobs to help address the unemployment challenge in Africa.

What We Do

EB provides an enabling framework to connect and inform innovators, early-stage entrepreneurs, Venture Capital (VC) firms, startup partners using data and intelligence on news, insights, funding, and opportunities in the start-up ecosystem. EB uses its digital platform to provide a safety-net for youth start-ups to leverage opportunities and enhance interactivity with other ESOs to scale up their businesses.

We CONNECT youth entrepreneurs and innovators to ESOs and governments for a stronger network that will foster the growth of innovative enterprises in Africa.

We INFORM youth entrepreneurs and innovators of opportunities and resources available to maximise their chances of success.

We connect ESOs to build synergies that will increase enterprise opportunities, and we inform early-stage entrepreneurs of our comprehensive database of resources that will maximise their chances of success.


EB is driven by a committed team of Development Professionals and Business Associates from various countries in Africa in charge of overseeing the strategic direction and management of the organization. Our team demonstrates strong passion and understanding of the trends of micro, small and medium enterprises across various countries and economies in Africa.

Our Executive Director provides managerial leadership in spearheading day-to-day operational activities organisation. The unique blend of expertise and experience of our team is our core resource to driving the vision of EB.