Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum 2022

As part of the government’s strategy to engage young business owners and entrepreneurs, the GIPC is organizing the fourth edition of the Young Entrepreneurs Forum (YEF). The previous editions exposed over 1,000 young entrepreneurs to business issues including taxation, attracting...

The Fintech for Resilience Summit

Join Catalyst Fund’s biggest event to date this summer as part of Fintech Week London: The Fintech for Resilience Summit.

Women in Tech Policy Accra | Artificial Intelligence Edition

Join the Tony Blair Institute’s Tech and Public Policy team’s second Women in Tech Policy event, in collaboration with PyLadies, who bridge the diversity gap in tech by delivering Python training and connecting women with the Open-Source community.

Ghana Women Entrepreneurship Summit

To help address the challenges women face in doing business, the Ghana Enterprises Agency organizes the Ghana Women Entrepreneurship Summit to build the resilience of Ghana’s female entrepreneurs.